Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Mark Wright The Apprentice ClimbOnline

Mark Wright, Alan Sugar's new Apprentice with business plan ClimbOnline

It's an interesting decision on the part of Lord Sugar to appoint Mark Wright as his apprentice. Bianca Miller's tights certainly seemed to have been the more obvious choice. 

Could this be a case of the grass being greener in areas where neither the master nor the apprentice have much experience? Surely though for Lord Sugar the loss of his aid Nick Hewer will have bigger overall impact.

The so called 'tie-less geeks' may well have the last laugh. A companies site may not be on the top page of Google, however, the internet is there for these companies to find SEO experts already delivering results in this field; most with case studies to call upon to prove they can deliver results.

The SEO industry shall be following Mark Wright's progress with interest. People in this industry are known for their sense of play and it will be interesting to see how creative they will be when it comes to toying with Mark. Let's hope he has clamp-on's to hand and a reliable compass to set him on the right course in what is sure to be an eventful first year.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Carrying out SEO the right way

SEO companies who repeatedly go against the search engine rules will ultimately lose clients because search engines might automatically block off their clients without any reason other than that this certain SEO company has a reputation of using black hat techniques to manipulate higher rankings for their clients. Search engine optimization can be easily manipulated just by submitting content which are rich in keywords and key phrases but have less relevance. Spamdexing is also one way of immersing the Internet with irrelevant information designed to raise rankings.

After being fairly acquainted with the creation of successful web pages, we come to the point of examining of which search engine we must target, how they work and how to list your pages with them. The reason being that great number of people use these search engines.

You can easily change your search engines in Safari by using the Glims plugin. This is a great software which adds a number of features to Safari. Follow the following steps to make Bing as the default search engine for your Safari browser:

Traditional businesses that are dependent upon the local economy can now we ranked on the search engines without a website! The search engine Local Business Listing is how you can use the Internet to generate sales. This is a service that is a part of Google Local Business Listing via Google Maps, Yahoo Local Listing and Bing Local Listing.

This list is not comprehensive and there are many more SEO strategies you can employ but it should provide you with solid foundations going forward. Once you have completed these simple steps your customers should at least be able to find you in the search engines although depending on how competitive the marketplace is you may still be outranked by your competitors. If this is the case, give it time, rankings take time to settle and you may find as time passes your site's rankings start to climb. If, however, commercial pressures mean that you have to compete for the number one spot straight-away you'll almost certainly have to spend some money. The key areas you should consider investing your money are obviously in your website itself, it's design and usability but also in online advertising. Using online advertising to drive traffic to your site can be costly if you have no experience and increasingly falls within the remit of an SEO Consultant.

These methods are frowned upon by search engines and your site may be banned for a period of time if you or your SEO company indulge in underhand techniques. Other black hat ways that some search engine optimization firms use to raise a site?s ranking is to insert a hidden text in the site itself which human browsers can not see or detect but robotic spiders or crawlers can easily find and include in their indexing. Search engine optimization does not actually have a lot of fixed rules and regulations regarding what to do and what not do when optimizing a site.

Benefits of an SEO audit:
+ Increase site traffic with more business enquiries from targeted visitors
+ Improve site positioning and increase your brand visibility
+ Obtain a long term positioning in the search engines
+ Determine the priorities for search engine optimization campaign
+ Clear instructions on how to make improvements to your site
+ Receive expert advice on increasing visibility in the major search engines

Monday, 22 April 2013

4 Ways To construct An Ethical Backlink Portfolio On Newspaper Websites

1: Aim For An Editorial, Not An Advertorial

It’s very simple to glimpse the allure of buying an advertorial on a local or nationwide newspaper location. Not only are you (or were you, as is the case now) getting some mighty back-links back to your site, you furthermore had the delight of having your item boasted on a page with an instantly recognisable, authoritative name.

If you desire to be boasted by a publication ethically, then spend some time building contacts with the persons that work there. Media sites, whether regional or national, will have contact minutia for reporters, writers, editorial and more.

Build up a newspapers list in your address book and construct affirmative connections with report sites, bloggers and other ones that could possibly write report about your enterprise and its activities. hold them abreast of significant movements in your company (without swamping them) to boost your possibilities of future promotion.

2: Construct affirmative connections With A Media Cram

If you’re going to desire those contacts to compose about your business then you’re going to have to make what you have to say worthwhile.

It’s worth conceiving a newspapers cram to adhere to your introductory internet message which additions up who you are, what your company does, trials of your content and more. It would also be shrewd to assemble it as a .PDF file so it’s as very simple to read and get get access to to as likely.

There’s furthermore the benefit of a .PDF being a smaller document size than a .ZIP or .RAR document. Anything larger than 1MB in size attachment-wise will expected be disregarded by the recipient and be sent directly to the junk folder.

Include assets that can be utilised directly away if the pack impresses and somebody likes to compose a article about your enterprise. encompass images, for instance, and perform an interview with a older constituent of the business who understands how the commerce works. ascribed extracts and a different issue of view on the commerce will give writers a new, new angle for a article and boost them to compose.

3: Keep Press issues Short And Sugary

A number of agencies use press releases as a link-building procedure, and will assert on issuing two a month over a high-quality service such as PRWeb and other ones.

We’d suggest caution with this as not only is it exorbitant, but except you have two or three outstanding pieces of news to release on a normal cornerstone then it may verify to be more damage than good.

Think of the latest advertorial argument we cited previous. What’s to stop Google from classifying press issue links as paid in the future, and targeting those that issue press assets that don’t really say any thing? They can furthermore harm your general emblem in seek results, if all persons find when they seek for your enterprise is a number of spammy issues.

Press releases can be handy for construction backlinks, but they’re far more effective if they state certain thing and are targeted in the direction of the right people. Make certain you’re composing a press issue that’s short and sugary, and gets the data across to persons as quickly as likely.

Distribute it to the right persons in your commerce. Sites like the every day posted letters, for example, have business and cash parts. internet message your press issue to the editors to blame of those sections, giving them the data necessary to cover your story and business.

4: disperse Your Content With Valuable communal Links

When creating your communicate lists topped up with persons in your commerce, journalists, commerce bloggers and more, make certain to support it by following the identical persons and other influencers on social newspapers passages.

Communal newspapers is a good way to construct positive connections with people, and can give them an instant insight into your content as shortly as you release it. distributing it with the right persons will expose it to a broader assembly – particularly if they decide to share it themselves. Furthermore use your communal profiles to build your own online community of fans that read your content and will be expected to share it with their friends and family. A good social scheme blended with a powerful content distributing scheme can construct you powerful, ethical links in the long-term, and enhance your natural connection portfolio.
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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Google to reward high-quality sites..

As part of a recent Google algorithm update (Penguin) Google is downgrading sites that it sees as having used spam type tactics in order to gain an unfair advantage over their competitors. Full details of the update can be found in an article by Google's Matt Cutts (here)

Thousands of sites have been affected and if you believe that your site has been unfairly downgraded you can complain directly to Google using this Form.

Again, (and a bit of unashamed self publicity here) if you want your site to rank highly is there to help you. Please feel free to promote alternative resources or publish your own comments and suggestions on how businesses can do this for themselves if they do not wish to outsource. We're also interested in your take on the reasons behind this move. Google boosting AdWords?
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Monday, 2 April 2012

4 Basic website practices to get you to the top of Google

There are four elements that you should always focus on whenever you make a new website.

1. Make sure you fill in your meta tags with a good title, description, and the right keywords. If nothing else keywords act as a reminder what each page focuses on.

2. Definitely use the title meta-tag and try to include keywords in the title.

3. Don't use the same metatags for every page on your site. Take the time to make them specific to each page.

4. Create good content. Make sure you have some decent content. Content is what the internet was invented for. Remember, your content isn't just something to get google to like your site, it is the whole point of your site. The content and how you structure it is what will make visitors do what you want when they get there. If it's rubbish they'll just leave.

Follow these basic tips to help you get to the top of Google.

You will find advertising links on this site specific to improving your chances of getting to the top page. Most are very useful and free there are also pay for services - there's certainly no harm in taking a look..
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To get on Google's First Page - Include keyword anchors and title or alt tags on your backlinks

If possible include keyword anchors and title or alt tags on your backlinks.
Don't always use the same anchors, vary it a little, use 3 or 4 different keywords and even do a few with some non keyword anchors. Also, make sure that if you are leaving links to your own site that you're leaving them on a site that is relevant to what your own site is about - and not just because it has a high page rank!
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